Delivering a vision into reality has been the success story behind RAK PORCELAIN growing into one of the leading manufacturers of Porcelain tableware in the world. Spread over an area of 65,000sqm with a production capacity of 28 million pieces per annum, RAK PORCELAIN is where technology, creativity, designs and quality is at its best.

Today RAK PORCELAIN is proud to associate with over 20,000 star Hotels Worldwide. RAK PORCELAIN offers a superior quality product with a vast array of shapes designed by leading Tableware designers for the Hotels, Restaurant and Hospitality segment at a value for money proportion. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to constantly serve the best product that meets the needs and demands of the HORECA industry in terms of design, quality and practicality of use in a fast paced and tough environment.

Our strength is our representation, through our well established distribution network in over 135 countries; a strong presence in all five continents, that makes us easily available at your call. With an eye for detail and with our commitment to serve you the best, we would continue to improvise, excel and challenge our own quality goals to ensure that RAK Porcelain is the preferred choice of Porcelain tableware world over.


Chief Executive Officer

In keeping with our philosophy of excelling in all endeavors, we have made a conscious effort to develop a user friendly web site which is as informative as possible.

RAK Porcelain, a company where imaginations and artistic designs are made a reality has grown to what it is today only with our professional expertise, unrelenting pursuit of excellence, a deep and profound knowledge of our environment and the worldwide distribution network that we have created in the past years.

Following the vision and success story of our parent company RAK CERAMICS, Excellence and performance have had no boundaries for RAK PORCELAIN. It is a "state" that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging Standards of Performance and its make us stronger to accept all industrial changes.

It is our philosophy to meet the needs and the demands of our customers for high-end products and services. We will continue our strive to provide Premium quality porcelain tableware that will impress your guests.

We will continue to stand up to meet the expectations of the hospitality industry and the passion for excellence. The coming years are going to be more eventful and successful for RAK PORCELAIN.

It’s our pleasure to serve you.


Chief Marketing Officer

It’s ONE PORCELAIN, ONE DESIGN, ONE CUTLERY; the new change at RAK PORCELAIN the Crowning Glory of the RAK Group. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new and improved RAK PORCELAIN website ‘Creating Design Synergy’.

At RAK where technology meets creative minds, we are committed to work with renowned designers from the industry to serve you a product that’s complemented by its design, versatility, functionality and value for money. We continue our strive to bring to your table a product that’s modern, appealing and inspiring to the end users to serve their clients an experience truly memorable.

These are exciting yet challenging times at RAK PORCELAIN. The tableware industry is one of the most demanding and dynamic in the world, we appreciate this opportunity that enable us to bring out the best in us; helping us strive further to provide our valued customers a product that best suites the highest growing demands of our clients and end users.

Celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, RAK PORCELAIN would like to thank all our partners, designers, and consultants, who have helped us to carry our vision ahead. A vision to serve you a product that complements your lifestyle and that adds value to your dining experience.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope our portal creates an opportunity for everyone around the world to learn more about our commitment, facility, performance, services, and values. I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Once again Thank you for Making SURE IT’S RAK!!!


Managing Director

RAK Porcelain Europe

My jouney with RAK Porcelain from 2005 was an incredible and outstanding experience.

Having been in the porcelain industry for more than 20 years at that time, I could not imagine how globally succesful we would be within a short span of 10 years. Unprecedented flexibility & reflex to market conditions by professional Ceramic Engineeers with years of experience backed by Innovation and creativity of our designers has etched a new chapter of success in the industry.

We work in close association with Chefs to bring solutions to their tables, give the frame to present their creativity, and deliver service at every level: before, during and after sélection and purchasing process.

The high alumina tableware produced by RAK Porcelain is of premium quality which is higly resistant to tough everyday use of a fast paced restaurant. Every production process is strictly controlled with selection of raw materials sourced from different corners of the world to bring you an oustanding product which would offer years of service.

The European headquarters at Luxembourg is at the heart of geographical center to Our business activities. Optimal stock levels maintained at Europe in tandem with an efficient logistical platform, we have been able to ensure quick and timely deliveries to our customers between Brest in France to Vladivostock in Russia or from Narvik in Norway to the island of Cyprus.

Enjoy going through this website, and do not hesitate to come and see us during one of the professional trade shows in your country. It will be a great pleasure to present you the latest and the most innovative of products that RAK Porcelain is known for.


CEO / President, RAK Porcelain USA

At RAK Porcelain, it starts with premium quality and industry leading-design. The same high standard for quality and professionalism is reflected in everything we do, including our North American organization and the way we do business.

In order to serve you better, our experienced team of RAK USA Porcelain professionals have a great understanding of the industry, and are ready to work with you to exceed your expectations.

I consider it a privilege to be part of the RAK Porcelain story. It is the pinnacle of my career in the hospitality tabletop industry. I am eager to lead the imminent surge in new North American customers for RAK.

Please explore our new website and products and visit us at the leading hospitality trade shows in North America to experience the excitement of RAK first hand.


Chief Finance Officer

With great excitement, I welcome you to our re-designed website. This site is a reflection of our commitment towards improving customer satisfaction.

RAK Porcelain is a part of the RAK Ceramics Group, the world’s largest producer of ceramics. Over the years RAK Porcelain has evolved from being a functional Unit of the RAK group to a brand that has been widely accepted and recommended in the hospitality industry. Though we are passing through a challenging world economy, it is an exciting period for RAK Porcelain as technology is driving the company to bigger horizons through new innovations and functional models.

As a company we continue to invest heavily in innovations, research and development as well as new technology and enhanced customer experiences. To win global competition and achieve ongoing growth, RAK Porcelain has capitalized on strategic presence worldwide with a strong distribution network and is a Leading brand in the Global Tableware market winning the confidence of our esteemed customers. We are considered among the best in the world with a young history.

As you browse through the website, you will come across elegant product ranges suited both for local as well as International markets. We value our partnerships and relations we have with our distributors and trade associates and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued loyalty and support.

Thank you for visiting our interactive website and feel free to contact us as it is your voice that takes us ahead.


Chief Purchasing Officer

Just as demand and supply are interrelated, both procurement and logistics are correlated. The central purchase team of RAK supports RAK PORCELAIN in all its imports and exports endeavors, with a clear philosophy of keeping up to customer’s changing needs and understanding the premium position it enjoys.

While we put in every effort to control the parameters involved with each segment of our trade; we also ensure that we do not give away on our best USP’s which is good quality, renowned suppliers and faster turn-around time.

I am very proud to be associated with the wonderful world of RAK Porcelain where combination of creativity and technology delivers some of the most fascinating products to one and all. This website is a continuation of the consistent approach and image of RAK Porcelain. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it.


Chief Operating Officer

Creating and Delivering had always been the biggest boon of RAK PORCELAIN. The flexibility that we share in understanding and delivering our customers’ needs has helped us to be recognized in the industry as a successful tableware brand in a short span of 10years.

Following our traditions and believing in our efforts; RAK PORCELAIN has always given importance for innovation and advanced technology. Since inception RAK PORCELAIN production has grown multi folds and today with over 28 different collection and over 3000different SKU’s we achieve a full house production capacity of 28million pieces within the same facility that we had in 2005.

A change is inevitable and that’s what we bring to you thorough our new and updated website. I hope that the design synergy that we have brought together in our products encourages and entertains you to once again Make Sure IT’S RAK – One Design, One Porcelain, One Cutlery.

RAK PORCELAIN is indeed RAK’s Crowning Glory


Chief Human Resource Officer

Today RAK PORCELAIN has developed into a well-respected tableware brand, competing with the well-knowns in the industry. RAK PORCELAIN stands unique for its services catered to the client which is made possible only with the candidates alike.

Our reputation has been built on a broad and solid base. Over the years, we have evolved into our present-day structure where we have built a committed and motivated team for you that understand your needs and challenges and is ready to give that personal touch and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’. We pride ourselves on the intensely personalized service we provide.

While I take this opportunity to applaud and congratulate the RAK PORCELAIN team in putting up this website together just as beautiful as the products they make, I hope that your constructive feedback and complete support will continue to energize our team to deliver more in the coming years.


Chief Compliance Officer

Strong management systems and controls make an organization reliable and drive customer’s trust. Adherence to the ISO structure, procedures, and robust corporate governance are the hallmarks of any successful organization.

To serve you our best and to ensure consistent success we address all issues related to non-compliance and take appropriate measures. As we climb higher in ranks as one of the most preferred tableware brands globally it’s a commitment for me and my team to ensure that we are prepared to face any unforeseen risks. We extend our complete support to implement strategies to handle these risks and also ensure compliance to all norms and procedures.

It gives me great pride to be a part of the RAK PORCELAIN family, where every effort is made to make your dining experience a truly memorable one. We at RAK Porcelain aim at ensuring that the above criteria’s are completely complied with and exceeds the expectations of both the management and our partners. I truly hope that our new web portal will create that synergy between our operations and efforts to deliver your requirements which would ultimately enlighten and appetize everyone’s taste-buds.


Chief Legal Counsel

Corporate governance, trademark registrations and distribution and agency agreements are few of our day to day challenges. We understand that in today’s world, these challenges are fundamental to allow us to succeed in the global economy and we have a distinctive way of thinking and working across them.

We share a common goal of being an approachable, dependable and reliable team who consistently deliver tableware solutions across a broad range of areas. We value our ability to adapt quickly to any kind of situation and to provide a variety of solutions to our customers’ needs and requirements. Our focus is on being able to act swiftly in accordance with the needs and developments that constantly happen on the market.

We understand the need and importance of a bespoke website; In today’s world it is the most appropriate tool to communicate with our clients and to stay in close contact with the markets across the world. Our company operates worldwide and applies international standards. Our aim is to be in close contact with our clients and be able to attend to their needs in a timely and efficient manner.

We attribute our success to a team of highly talented and qualified individuals who are our most important asset.


For Mikaëla Dörfel, “every design must have its own personality”. Mikaëla Dörfel grew up in Finland, where she developed a fascination for Scandinavian shapes. Her design takes its inspiration from an ancient farm surrounded by horses and meadows dotted with small lakes, directly from nature itself, underpinned by a defined structure. She has also based her design studio there, to the north of Hamburg for over 15 years, and she works for brands sold in Europe, Asia and the United States. “Of course, a collection begins its life as a concept, but from that moment on every single detail counts in creating it.

The strength of the concept is its simplicity and accessibility. The concept must inspire, awaken the senses, function independently and do justice to the natural materials”. A concept responds to a utilitarian need, and is born from the marriage of understanding shapes and thinking logically to create a product which is both stylish and functional. Making models is still a very important step in creating the collection, as this is the stage where every detail can be perfected. Mikaëla Dörfel adopts a tactile approach to her work. She likes to touch the porcelain with her own hands to ensure the shapes function well in daily use. “Errors are often easier to detect through touch.” Mikaëla Dörfel’s aim is to do justice to the quality of the material used.

Her modern, elegant style seeks to find harmony between the tension of straight lines and curves. Her intuition for shapes is paired with a deep knowledge and understanding of the materials and production methods used, both new and old. Mikaëla Dörfel has an understanding of materials and markets. Her work is characterised by creativity and determination. Her love of shape drives her to create collection pieces which bypass trends in favour of longevity. Some of her collections are more than several decades old. Her work has already been recognised with a number of design awards. Mikaëla Dörfel’s style is an example of timeless elegance and innovation, while still remaining extremely practical.


Gemma Bernal has spent her professional life in design, thinking of products in a different light. In her opinion, a designer is a person who captures different aspects of life: functional, economic, social, marketing, production etc. through its own sensitivity. Ideas and design proposals arise out of this multidisciplinary conception and a close relationship with the right people. She shares her work life between design creation and design teaching that forced her to define, explain and communicate her own vision. Gemma’s work has been tremendously influenced by Mediterranean atmosphere and particularly Barcelona in terms of sun, light and joyful people sharing meals together on restaurants’ terraces.

Gemma has worked with various renowned chefs sharing a Mediterranean vision. In the past years, she has found inspiration in young chefs and professional reviewers seeking different approaches in culinary activities. Gemma designed two beautiful collections called MAREA and GIRO developed by RAK Porcelain. MAREA features different pieces for tapas dishes, main and side dishes to bring up culinary presentations. These pieces have been conceptualized for a specific use and design oriented to ease service and product manipulation.

GIRO is based on geometric forms in which identical shapes in different sizes have been somewhat arbitrarily inserted. The result is an appearance of different sized tilted planes and inclinations showcasing the design’s dexterity and originality. Gemma feels very comfortable working in close cooperation with other designers in a lab for ideas developing new concepts related to food and cooking.


From hunting weapons to tableware, Françoise Bœur has an extensive track record in graphic design, characterised by creativity, love of detail and above all this, a great passion. Françoise Bœur was born in 1964 in Bastogne, Belgium. From an early age, craftsmanship and nature were strong influences in her life. When she was 20, she qualified as an art teacher from the Avroy Institute in Liège, Belgium, and started teaching.

In 1986 she moved into an unusual and globally sought-after specialism by becoming a hunting weapon engraver at the Léon-Mignon Institute in Liège. She has done an extensive range of artistic work: poster contests, animal drawings, pencil sketch exhibitions and more. Françoise has always been guided in her work by a leitmotiv: producing unique and realistic artwork, exhibiting a great attention to detail.

In 1988 she shifted into the world of tableware, for hotels and restaurants in particular. She is active in creating and fully developing custom designs on porcelain for prestigious clients all around the world. Her portfolio includes the London Hilton Hotel, Relais & Châteaux, Radisson Kuwait, Disneyland Paris, the Colloseo Hotel at Europa Park, Casino Barrière, the Grand-Ducal Palace of Luxembourg, star-rated restaurants such as Léa Linster, and a catalogue of designs that have enjoyed fully-deserved success with her clients.

She joined the young team at RAK Porcelain Europe in 2010, and since then she has produced many outstanding designs for a wide variety of establishments in Europe. This allows her to put her talents to use to make remarkable and acclaimed works.


Creativity comes into life when RAK’s in-house designer’s sets blaze their skills on display. Either be for a fresh concept or design creation its true craftsmanship and understanding for detail that enables them to structure designs to the likes of everyone. RAK’s strength and flexibility to deliver theme based designs beyond doubt rests in the safe hands of these young talent.

For Murali it’s his love for nature and photographic skill set that has inspired his creativity. He has proven ability to capture images quickly and use them in his day to day assignments. Being an integral part of RAK’s design team, his creative touch has been behind the first-rate success of RAK’s custom - design proposal with the hoteliers. True use of Colors, preferred ethnicity, and vivid ambiguity are traits of his work.


Cutting-edge technology

Using cutting-edge technology our collections are designed to withstand intensive use as well as mechanical and thermal shocks inherent in the profession. By selecting raw materials of the highest quality, our products stand up over time to heat of traditional or microwave ovens, while retaining the brilliance of their enamel and the fineness of their decorations.

An optimised worldwide distribution

Linked to a solid worldwide distribution structure, we rely on a network of experts and operators specialising in tableware to serve you wherever and whenever you desire. We insist on providing you with very short lead times.



To preserve the glaze of the flat asymmetrical items, always stack vertically and do not slide one piece onto another.

In the dishwasher

Follow recommendations of your cleaning product supplier regarding the amount of detergent to use and the use of cleaning products.

Make sure the dishwashing machine is well-serviced as 80% of the problems are due to low quality maintenance of the dishwashing machine.

Always rinse the porcelain after use and before you load it into the dishwasher.

Make sure to wash in separate cycles glass, chinaware, cutlery and cooking equipment (pots and pans).

If metalmarks appear, clean the surface with Porcelain Cleanser. Check the quality of your cutlery and also wash on a regular basis all working surfaces in stainless steel with a water & vinegar mix. This process will eliminate all metal particles that might be at risk to be transferred on the porcelain.


Chipping is usually the result of rough handling during the washing process or storage.

Clean the any food remaining on the dinnerware by using a specific utensil; do not hit the dirty plate against the garbage bin.

RAK hotel grade porcelain is microwave, dishwasher and salmander safe, with most key items being guaranteed against chipping when used under normal conditions.


Oven + 300 °C

The RAK oven safe porcelain gradually increases in temperature to ensure gentle cooking of food meaning your dishes will keep their flavour longer.


RAK porcelain ensures cooking or quick reheating without altering the taste or flavour of your dishes.

Holding of temperature

Once put on the table the dishes keep their heat ensuring the content remains at t he right temperature giving you the time to enjoy it.


The RAK porcelain’s smooth enamel is quick and easy to clean. Thanks to the quality, your tableware will stay as new for a long time.

Mechanical shock

The exceptional hardness of the RAK porcelain ensures it is highly chip and shock resistant. It is therefore very easy to stack.

Thermal shock

From the freezer to the microwave, RAK porcelain withstands differences in temperature thanks to the exceptional hardness of its material making it highly thermal shock resistant.

100% Hygiene

RAK cooking porcelain is a 100% natural, guaranteed lead-free product. It is non-porous and does not absorb grease, odours or bacteria ensuring you optimum hygiene.

Product Advantage

What makes the difference at RAK Porcelain?

Innovative tabletop collections …dedicated to professionals, delivered with an unforgettable quality of service… that offer both unmatched artistic and practical levels of quality within the hospitality industry.

What creates excellence at RAK Porcelain?

Creation, inspiration, and especially the constant search for a better balance in the design of products for continuous and intensive use drives RAK Porcelain in its continual pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to improve the daily worries of all our ambassadors in the worldwide foodservice industry. All our collections are shaped for ease in handling, resistance to variations in temperature, and a superior overall strength to insure a long lasting product even within the harsh conditions of the hospitality industry.

We invite you to discover the results of our passion and expertise in the following pages.


RAK Porcelain and its distribution networks offer you a limited warranty covering chipping for several collections (contact your dealer for more details). We will replace any of those items that have rim chips, on the condition that the complaint is addressed within 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is only valid for the normal use of the products. The warranty does not cover breakage or damage arising from misuse or non-ordinary use of our products.